Why Try program comes to the Yazoo County School District


The question has been asked by struggling students for as long as students have been attending schools. WHY TRY?

Whether the issue is a learning challenge with a particular subject or a life-challenge, like a broken home or poverty, students have fought the battle between focusing on learning and surviving the social atmosphere of being a teenager forever. 

Thankfully, Dr. Ken Barron, superintendent of education for the Yazoo County School District, has taken action to help every student, K-12.

On  January 6-7, Barron arranged for over fifty teachers, counselors and administrators employed by the Yazoo County School District to be trained on a nationally recognized program which has seen over three million students nationwide progress in the areas of academics, behavior, and attendance. 

Why Try, the name of this nationally accredited program has been around for nearly 20 years and is a multi-sensory approach to learning and life-skills. The Why Try organization also trains educators in the field of Resilience Education.

Brother Royce Lott, pastor of Satartia First has been affiliated with Why Try and using this curriculum in everything from ministry, to youth courts and school settings for over 10 years.  In his friendship and partnership with local celebrity, Ted Di Biase, known to most for his 80s fame as The Million Dollar Man, and Ted’s ministry, Heart of David, this highly regarded program was brought to Yazoo County.

Thankfully, Heart of David covered over 80 percent of the cost of this two-day training as an investment in the school district, as appreciation for the commitment of our educators.  All education professionals were even able to earn CEU hours from this program, helping them with state requirements for their license renewal. 

Brother Royce represents Why Try as a training coordinator throughout the state of Mississippi and hopes to see neighboring school districts begin to adopt this model for bettering the lives of students. Yazoo County is pleased to be leading the way in education with a program which has such strong national support and recognition.