MA Junior Cheerleaders Earn Honors


Manchester Academy Junior High Cheer squad traveled to Hot Springs, AR on June 1st-4th. The squad received the Herkie award, Stunt Safety Award, Excellence in the Champion Chant evaluation and Superior in the Top Jam evaluation. The squad also received a spirit stick every night and a Bid to nationals. The Junior high squad also received the 1st place trophy in the Top Jam Performance on final day. Pictured left to right, back row: Anna Grace Paige, Gabby Crockett, Leilani Montgomery- All American nominee, Lexie Greenlee, Gracie Saxton, Anna Grace Ellison, Abby Crockett, Ryelin Levison, Annie Sandifer, Lainey James, front row: Mary Ella Brooks, Karley Martin- All American, Pin in forward recipient, Makenzie Hancock-All American nominee, Lizzie Carpenter- All American nominee, Ana Lee Ainsworth.