Pray that my brother's attacker is found

My brother, Billy Ray Peeples, was robbed, assaulted, beaten, stabbed, left for dead on Friday, June 8th, 2018. He is a private person not wanting others to know his business. All this media would possibly be too much for him, yet we need the media to find what happened or who attacked Billy.

My niece posted on Facebook a summation of how we all feel. I will share. “Please know I Am all for you guys in Blue who protect us; we need you. I simply need to vent in my disappointment in the Yazoo City Police Dept. in not processing the scene where and when my uncle was found on Monday. I realize they have more important things to do than catch the person or persons who hurt my uncle-assaulted, stabbed, robbed, and left for dead a week ago Friday. From this experience I have learned there are others who have family members with similar circumstances; and it feels like YPD has more important things to do.

Many suggest offering a monetary reward for information leading to an arrest. My faith in the Blue has become tainted by the Yazoo City Police Department’s action or lack thereof. Their words resonate with me ‘not sure assault ‘.... like he’s going to beat himself up, stab himself in the head twice, latch the door from outside, place his empty wallet on his truck seat, and what happened to the pistol he always carries in his pocket if not robbery and assault.

As my cousin said, use common sense. It just doesn’t add up. I pray YCPD proves me wrong and finds his attacker. Satan appears to be at work here on earth. I hope he/she doesn’t affect anyone in your household. YCPD will most likely not help you nor find the attacker; for, YCPD will report your family member did it to themselves as an accident most likely. Thank you in allowing me to vent which  I don’t like to do; for being negative is not a good state to be. Pray for the Yazoo City Police Dept. so that they may find Billy Ray Peeples’ attackers. Pray his attacker may make a mistake and be located or even turn himself/herself into authorities.”


                                                Jerry Peeples