Aubry Brent Jr. will be greatly missed

We’re still struggling to find the right words after learning of the death of Aubry Brent Jr. Monday.

Brent was a giant in this community.

As an educator he touched many lives, and his love for young people in Yazoo extended outside of the classroom. Many Yazooans remember Brent answering the call during times of need when they were young.

So many people got to know Mr. Brent during his career as an educator that he easily transitioned into local politics. He was liked by people from all walks of life because they knew what kind of person he was.

He was the kind of person who truly cared about his community and the people who live here – all of them.

He was the kind of person who could learn from his mistakes and forgive the mistakes of others.

He was the kind of person who could disagree with you about something that was important to both of you, but not let that get in the way of your friendship.

We’ve certainly disagreed with Mr. Brent with some issues over the years, but we always had respectful discussions about those issues.

Sometimes we changed his mind.

Sometimes he changed ours.

Sometimes we agreed to respectfully disagree.

That’s a trait that is unfortunately often hard to find these days among elected officials.

It’s one that came naturally for Aubry Brent Jr.

That’s why he enjoyed a long career in local politics.

Our community is going to miss him.