Meeting specific ministry needs will help Yazoo County on many fronts


First – a shout out to the good people of FBC Yazoo City.

For two years, we at Satartia served the students and faculty of Bentonia-Gibbs Elementary with an in-depth adopt-a-school program. During those two years we worked fervently to get other churches on board to strengthen that outreach and to duplicate in in other schools – there are so many needs among the students in our schools.

Unfortunately, we could not get even one church in the county to partner with us (Even though we did get two or three gifts to help) in an ongoing manner.  As of May 2018 FBC Satartia had to end the program due to lack of funds.

Thankfully, as the new school year begins, I am pleased to announce that FBC Yazoo has now acquired the funds to support the program, and they are now resuming the adoption of BGE.  PRAISE GOD these students are once again being served.  Mrs. Roberts and her team do such a great job! Our educators deserve support!  Maybe other churches will get on board now since a larger church has...

I Chronicles 12 speaks of the Sons of Issachar who, with their two-hundred leaders came in service to King David as he was taking the throne as leader of Israel. The word says of the Sons of Issachar that they were men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do. .  .

Think about that for a moment. Out of all of the men from the tribes of Israel, the word says that these four men and their small band of leaders brought this great gift of wisdom – an understanding of world circumstances, and a knowledge of how to work in that time. 

I thought of this passage as I met recently with my long-time friend and fellow minister, Ted DiBiase. (The Million Dollar Man of former WWF fame.)  Ted’s ministry, Heart of David Ministries, has come to Yazoo County, seeking to help us as a local ministerial association, strengthen our efforts to build community and serve with Kingdom purpose. There have been some engaging meetings in recent months. From that, I’ve come to see some true “Sons of Issachar” stepping up to lead in this county. 

From guys like Ken Lynch, who led out in our recent back-to-school event, to folks like Amanda Herring, who continues to build the county-wide student ministry – 252 Yazoo, to George Woodliff who has faithfully pursued unity and community among the faith community for twenty years, there are leaders rising up to stand with Kingdom purpose.

 These and a few other great leaders in the county see that all of our efforts are to be about God’s Kingdom advancing, not advancing kingdoms bannered by denominational names or ruled by personal petty preferences.  IT IS AN EXCITING TIME TO BE A PART OF KINGDOM WORK HERE!!!

For those of you who want to serve, may I share a few opportunities that need HANDS-ON commitment currently – all for the Fame, Glory, and Renown of King Jesus:

1) Amanda Herring and the 252 organization have reached out to every church in the county to secure scholarships for a 2019 county-wide summer camp outreach, specifically including at-risk and unchurched students.  IS YOUR CHURCH SPONSORING AT LEAST ONE STUDENT!!??  ASK YOUR PASTOR THIS SUNDAY!!! On top of that, if you as a business owner would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help us secure these 55 camp spots, contact Amanda or e-mail me at the address provided. This camp completely books in October, so the need to pay for registration is NOW!

2) The annual FCA event, Fields of Faith will be held at Benton Academy on October 9, and there is a rain venue on their campus, so THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!  Is your student ministry promoting this event, and are your planning to attend!?

Greg Robertson, the new Yazoo County FCA President wants to see this event and FCA overall experience a great revival. FCA can have such a powerful impact on ALL of our school campuses during this school year!!! WILL YOU help us make this October 9th event a success?

3) 252 Yazoo currently meets on the third Wednesday of each month, and we have about five churches participating in this monthly student worship outreach. As of November 2018, we are expanding to a second 252 location, uptown, where more student ministries and students at-large can come together for a once-a-month unified time of worship and building community.  WE NEED ADULT VOLUNTEERS! Of course we do all things with order as to properly represent the King.  WILL YOU volunteer once a month to help this expansion of student ministry have a secure foundation!?

4) We need a Celebrate Recovery in Yazoo County!!! – If you are not familiar with CR, check it out on Google. This nationwide ministry began out of Saddleback, and God-willing, CR will begin to meet and serve this county from little ole Satartia First by the end of the year. In order for this to be an effective outreach to recovering addicts and individuals struggling with various crises, we must have an adequate volunteer base – willing to teach and lead!!

Again, if you are ready to put your hand to the plow and be a part of these and other efforts to advance the Kingdom of God, you are welcome to email me for details.  Now is the time!!  Great men of God, some, like my friend Ted who live outside of the county, are seeing that God is unfolding a plan, and the men (gender-free term) who understand the times and know what our Israel (Yazoo) should do ARE rising up in service! WILL YOU be counted among the faithful who give so much as a cup of water in Jesus’ name?

BECAUSE HE IS,   Brother Royce   I Cor. 9:16

Royce R . Lott, Jr. is senior pastor at FBC Satartia – all comments should be directed to