Freedom is quite costly


Each July we celebrate our ‘freedom’ as the great republic we all know and love, The United States of America. 

Sadly, we are rapidly giving away every vestige of this independence we celebrate on July 4th.  Because we as believers have ignored our responsibility to stand in the gap on a national and global stage, politically and socially, The Good Ole US of A is being overrun by the heathenistic, dare I even say demonic wilds of amoral individuals who have, without regard, been placed in positions of authority as a part of the governance of our land.

Oh, I know! Folks hate it when the preacher starts talking politics. We all tuck our heads and pretend we have no rights as people of faith when another liberal left milksop rears his head shouting the figmentation of imagination often referred to as “separation of church and state,” but friends, WE, we who call ourselves people of faith best wake up to the reality of what is at stake, truly every freedom our forefathers fought for us to enjoy.

For many years our ministry gave out thousands of bumper stickers which read, “Freedom isn’t the right to do as we please; freedom is the responsibility to do what is right!” There is a cost, a price to pay for enjoying freedom, both as a citizen of this nation and a citizen of God’s Kingdom!

As people of faith, we serve a God whose own Son paid the ultimate price for our freedom from the bondage of darkness, death, and despair we know as sin.  Although He, Christ offers us this independence from eternal damnation at no cost to us personally – he’s already paid the ransom price – He does insist that it will cost us the willingness to leave the darkness of death (sin) behind and live a life according to His design – a NEW life! Our salvation is one great paradox – salvation is a free-gift-of-God through His Son, Christ, but it will cost us everything – our old life in exchange for a new life in Him. 

Darkness and Light do not coexist.

So let’s make a few parallels here and determine if we as believers are where we need to be in standing for this nation. There are factions who are passing legislation right and left to give individuals who have ILLEGALLY invaded our country more rights than you and I possess. So, are we wrong to call these folks out for being thieves when Christ said that He alone was our entry into eternal life? 

Did not He, Christ even speak of an individual who attempted to attend a wedding feast, yet without proper passage. (a recognizable wedding garment – Matt 22) This individual was not overlooked, but instead cast out. We want to say that it is uncivil to build a wall of protection, and yet the God we serve BLESSED a man named Nehemiah for building a wall to protect his people and keep out the enemies who sought to destroy them.

Oh, then there’s the celebration of evil by states like New York, legalizing the murder of infants, now, even after birth – all the while screaming that a woman should have a legal right to murder her unwanted child, in the womb or out. Yet, God’s word is clear that murder is not of God.

God is the giver of life.

We as believers are charged with having a phobia if we speak God’s truth that same-sex marriage is not God’s design. OH WAIT! I didn’t say to go out hatin’ on any of these folks.I’ve done more work in the gay community that most of you ever want to touch. My heart runs deep there with compassion.

Though I know that God’s word is clear about same-sex relationships, I MUST love individuals who have been deceived into this “alternate” lifestyle, for I know that God created them for more than the deception which has overtaken them. I must love them in truth as I speak the truth. I can’t just pat a dying man on the back and say, “It’s OK brother, I’ll be praying for you,” when I know all the while what is killing him, and I know where he can go to get help from the death which has overtaken him. 

Again, ya’ can’t win ‘em all, and I know that.  However, in all of these cases and many more, segments of society are seeking to destroy the moral fabric of this land with an immoral uncovering, and work to legislate that you and I must be silent because we believe in moral absolutes, truth.If this continues, our freedoms as God-fearing, freedom-loving, citizens of this nation will be stripped away, and not by guns from foreign enemies.

For us as believers, in truth, our citizenship is not even on this planet; however, for whatever time we are permitted to live here as sojourners, I must admit that we are setting ourselves up for a much harder existence in the flesh by wantonly handing over the rights for which many died. 

I believe it was Ronald Reagan who said, “As this nation goes, so goes freedom. This great nation is the last vestige of freedom on the planet.” All individuals are free to believe what they will, but their freedom to believe in a lesser God should not include stripping me of my freedom to love and serve Jehovah God, and that day is coming in America if the tide doesn’t turn.

Marry whomever you will! At the same time don’t demean me or demand laws that make my covenant relationship with my wife inferior. The same parallel can be made with all of the topics mentioned.

God’s word mandates that a man FIRST take care of his own home and family – otherwise he is not capable of helping others rightly.

America, we need to do the same. ALL lives matter because God created all men. However, all lived are not entitled to the same rights and privileges because wrong cannot be rewarded!  Those who truly want help will seek help in the right way – not attempt to steal their desires from one who has lived justly and earned a wage.

I am no scholar, but in all my study of God’s word in my 27 years of ministry I find little which resembles this nation in end-time prophecy. Likewise, I’m no end-time doom-sayer. Simply, the fact remains, both spiritually and in our fleshly, our earthly existence – FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!

It is my hope that as you celebrate your independence this July, as an American citizen, that you will contemplate the obligation that you and I have to also stand morally and reclaim the foundation on which this nation was established.  Otherwise, when God allows us to be overtaken, we will only have need of not looking back, so that we don’t as well end up as pillars of salt.

Proud to be a God-Fearing Patriot,  Brother Royce

Rev. Royce R. Lott, Jr. is Senior Pastor of FBC Satartia. Contact him at