Fletcher Cox makes Yazoo proud


Many sports writers consider the Philadelphia Eagles to be the underdog heading into the Super Bowl, which is understandable considering that the New England Patriots have become regulars, and Tom Brady is running out of fingers for his Super Bowl rings.

Being the underdog should be a role where Yazoo City’s Fletcher Cox feels right at home.

Cox came from humble beginnings, and he let his playing do the talking for him during his days as a star athlete at Yazoo City High School.

Fletcher’s coaches always knew that there was something special about him. I remember Tony Woolfolk telling us to keep an eye on him long before he began to establish himself as a dominant player. The late Kyle Wallace never missed an opportunity to promote Fletcher, both as a talented player and as a good person.

I’ve always been a New Orleans Saints fan mostly just because it’s the closest NFL team, but I’ve always pulled for teams with Mississippi guys.

When Walter Payton played for the Bears, I was a Chicago fan. When Jerry Rice played for the 49ers, I was a San Francisco fan. The same is true with Steve McNair in Tennessee, Eli Manning in New York and others.

But it’s really something special to be able to pull for a Yazoo City guy on Sundays.

Yazoo has some experience with this.

Willie Brown is a Hall of Famer and one of the best defensive players of all times. Brown also competed in a Super Bowl, and he was the hero of the game with an interception for a touchdown.

I was a baby when Willie Brown won the Super Bowl so I don’t remember it. This is the first time I’ve had this opportunity.

We are also serious Eagles fans in our home for another reason.

Fletcher Cox and some of his teammates hosted a football camp at Yazoo City High School when my son James was just six years old. James participated in the camp, and it was one of the greatest experiences of his young life.

He proudly announced to anyone who would listen that he was a member of the Eagles Pee-Wee Division and would be joining the pro league as soon as he got old enough.

It was impressive to see how well Fletcher worked with the kids. He was clearly enjoying himself, and he made every one of those kids feel special.

It’s good to see someone earn such a high level of success without letting it change him. Fletcher Cox has earned this opportunity, and I will be one of the many Yazooans cheering my heart out for him when he takes the sports world’s biggest stage for Super Bowl LII.