The doctors said no, but God said yes


God has perfect timing.

That simple statement carries so much worth, and I was reminded of its clear message this week when I witnessed a miracle.

As a reporter, a number of stories come your way. Some become so routine it seems as if you can write them in your sleep. Others take hours of research and investigation to get all your ducks in row.

Some spark change or justice. Some are just good tales to share.

But the story of Ja’Dan Rucker was one of those stories that touch your heart and remain with you. I interviewed Ja’Dan and his mother Nicole about a year ago. The young boy was having issues at his school due to his disability, and The Yazoo Herald aided in sparking much needed change to accommodate his needs by bringing his story to light.

Ja’Dan is confined to a wheelchair, but his spirit was so contagious that first time I interviewed him. Here was a kid who could have used his disability as a reason to give up or become bitter. But he was so happy and full of life. He laughed with his whole little body, and his smile spread across his tiny face.

He is a fighter, and he scored a major victory this week.

Since birth, Ja’Dan was told he would never walk. He would be confined to a wheelchair his entire life. He wouldn’t be able to do all the things normal children do. He would have struggles, but he would just have to adapt.

Ja’Dan saw things differently, and apparently God did too.

Ja’Dan took his first steps this week. The boy who was told he would never walk is walking strong and proud. Using a brace and walker, he is able to go where he wants to go.

No physician can explain it. No tests can reveal an answer.

I think the answer is simple. God is the ultimate physician, and He was ready for Ja’Dan to walk.

I was thrilled when Ja’Dan arrived at my office to show me that he could walk on his own. I felt honored that he and his family wanted to share that with me. It is moments like that which remind me of how awesome my job as a reporter really is.

Earlier that day, I was stressed about bills and deadlines. I was flustered over what to cook for dinner. I was worried that my oldest son would not do well on his test at school. I was aggravated as my to-do list kept growing and growing.

But after watching Ja’Dan smile and take a few steps toward me, all those feelings were replaced by gratitude and joy. Ja’Dan was so proud of the simple act of walking, something that so many of us take for granted.

My spirit continued to be lifted when Ja’Dan challenged me to a race. Nothing was standing in his way, and he was ready to take any challenge head-on. That small seven-year-old boy is wise beyond his years.

Not once have I ever heard Ja’Dan complain. He never asks for sympathy. He never accepts failures. And, as his mother says, he may be delayed but he will never be denied.

As I went home that night, I wasn’t worried over the trivial little things that had stressed me out earlier. I thanked God that I have three healthy children who run all over the house making messes along the way.

Witnessing the miracle of Ja’Dan walking reminded me that God has perfect timing. It was this time that He chose for Ja’Dan to walk, and it was this time that He used Ja’Dan to remind me of what is really important.

Yes, God has perfect timing. It is worth the wait. And the best is yet to come.