Yazoo County lowering tax millage rate


Yazoo County leaders will actually be lowering the county’s tax millage rate as they prepare to finalize the proposed budget.

Pending formal approval, the Yazoo County Board of Supervisors announced the lower millage rate during its recent board meeting Tuesday morning.

Donna Kraft, county administrator, said the millage rate for the upcoming fiscal year will be 70.8 mills. Last year’s millage rate was 71.05 mills, lowering the upcoming rate by .32 mills.

Kraft also added that the Yazoo County School District’s request increased by .32 mills to 43.46 mills in the upcoming budget.

For the next fiscal year, the proposed budget has a total projected revenue of $18,481,542. Of that amount, 64 percent is proposed to be financed through ad valorem taxes.

County leaders said they were pleased to announce that, even with an increase in the school district’s request, they were able to balance the budget to include a lowered millage rate for Yazoo County taxpayers.