Officer had to stand between mayor and alderman

A police officer had to stand between Ward 4 Alderman Aubry Brent Jr. and Mayor Diane Delaware after a heated executive session Monday. 
“The mayor was following me to my truck calling me names, calling me a snake,” Brent said, Tuesday morning. “She then stormed to my door like she was going to attack me. An officer had to intervene, but there was no physical altercation.”
Brent said the argument  began during executive session moments earlier. 
“The mayor was displeased with some of the ways I voted on things yesterday,” Brent said. 
Brent said one of the main actions he believes led to the confrontation was the suspension of Police Chief Jeff Curtis. 
Brent and Ward 2 Alderman Dr. Jack Varner voted in opposition of suspending Curtis. 
“The mayor and (Alderman) Gregory (Robertson) are wrong about going to the chief’s office and putting demands on him,” Brent said. “I told the mayor she micro-manages too much. That is not her role as mayor.”
Brent said at that point the meeting took a turn. 
“The mayor never could let it go,” Brent said.
No one was arrested following the incident.
Efforts to reach Delaware for comment were unsuccessful.
The mayor’s secretary told The Herald Tuesday morning that  Delaware would not be in the office until Oct. 20. 
Attempts to contact Delaware for comment by cellular phone and email were also unsuccessful by press time.