New tax assessor settling into office


Yazoo County’s newly elected tax assessor hit the ground running to upgrade and improve her office, but she admits she is still learning the ropes.

“I have had a very interesting first couple of weeks as tax assessor,” said Denise Robertson, during the Yazoo County Board of Supervisors meeting. “I believe we have a good group of ladies working, and we all have the same vision that we are going to give the people of Yazoo County the best work effort that we can give.”

Robertson said she would like to investigate the costs associated with “bringing her office into the 21st century.” There are a number of pieces of equipment ranging from electric staples to electric holepunches she would like to help improve the efficiency within her office. 

Robertson also intends to change the layout of her office to improve privacy.

“I think it would help if we could turn our desks in different ways since there is no privacy,” she said. “There are some things on our desks that I don’t think anyone should be privy to what is going on. I just think that there are some things that should be confidential, and that is what I am working towards.”

However, Robertson admitted to the Yazoo County Board of Supervisors that there are many things she is learning within her new role. For example, hiring a part-time employee within her office was retracted after discovering the hire was not within her budget.

“That was one of the things that I tried to implement, and I have to beg the board’s pardon that I was not privy to the proper way to handle bringing in an additional person; so, I do apologize,” Robertson said, during the county meeting.

The part-time employee was sworn in at the same time as Robertson, but the employee was never put on the county payroll and was never paid. That employee is no longer in the office due to budget restraints.

The existing employees from the previous administration remain in the office.