Holmes CC has much to offer in Yazoo this summer


After a successful spring semester, the Holmes Community College Education Center of Yazoo City has big plans for its summer and fall programs.

Daniel Haralson, director of Workforce Development in Yazoo County and the liaison to Holmes Community College, said opportunities to learn new job skills and other general college level courses are available at the Holmes Education Center on Fifteenth Street.

"We are trying to get as many activities going as we can locally," he said.

Haralson said the spring semester at the Holmes Education Center in Yazoo City was a successful one, with over 50 people enrolled in classroom programs and in online courses.

Along with general education courses like English Composition 1 and College Algebra, Haralson said that they also hosted several ServeSafe certification classes, and computer classes.

Now that the Spring semester is over, Haralson said that they are now enrolling students in summer courses, which include vocational programs where individuals can obtain a certificate after six weeks of training.

"We are in the process of doing an electrical wiring class here," he said. "I have about eleven names on the list already."

Haralson said that this vocational course will train individuals to properly install electrical wiring in a residential home, which is a valuable skill to the construction or maintenance industries.

Haralson said this electrical wiring course is set to begin in the late summer and they are still accepting participants.

He added that once a participant completes the program and is awarded his or her certification, they will assist the students with finding job placements in nearby industrial centers.

Haralson said that vocational programs like this are open to students who have recently graduated from high school, or even retirees who are looking to learn a new skill.  He also added that a high school diploma is not needed to participate in the program, but that a placement test may be used to assess that person's skill level before entering the program.

"You can't go wrong by learning something new." Haralson said.

Other programs offered this summer at the Holmes Community College Education Center in Yazoo City are ServeSafe certification workshops, computer courses, and even a sewing class for beginners.

Haralson said that he is very excited about the Career Tech Roadshow that is coming to the Holmes Education Center in Yazoo City on June 19.  The Roadshow will feature all 34 career and technical programs offered at Holmes Community College, including automotive technology, welding, cosmetology, computer programming, emergency medical services, and even criminal justice.

"We will have all kinds of units set up like electrical, engineering and welding," Haralson said. "You can come in and see what Holmes has to offer, like a little job fair."

Haralson said that Registration for the Fall Semester courses at the Yazoo City location will take place toward the end of the summer, and that they will offer general education courses such as English Composition 1 and 2, Intermediate and College Algebra, Nutrition, and even Speech.

 "They will have an on-site registration here scheduled for August the 9th," he said. "That is usually the one where we get the largest turnout."

Haralson said that the benefit of having a Holmes Education center locally is that is saves time and money for students, and allows them to get an education while working during the day.

"Most of the classes take place in the evening from 5:30 - 8:20 p.m.," he said. "And you can take a different class each night depending on what is offered."

Haralson said that students can take general courses need for their major at the Yazoo City location, and save money, instead of driving long distances out of town to class every day.

He added that Holmes students can have access to the Yazoo City facility during the week to work on the projects or use the computers for their online classes, as long as they bring their Holmes Student ID.

Haralson said that some things they have in mind for the future of the Holmes Education Center in Yazoo City include bringing in a CNA Program, as well as vocational classes for Welding and Brick Masonry.

"It’s a win-win situation," Haralson said. "Why drive to Jackson and back every day when you can come and do it here."

For more information about these and other programs at the Holmes Education Center in Yazoo City, or to get help with enrollment or financial aid, stop by the office or call Daniel Haralson at 662-746-1273.