Off-duty deputies to help with manpower shortage at county jail


In an effort to alleviate slim manpower, Yazoo County deputies could be working at the local jail on their off-days.

Sheriff Jacob Sheriff brought the idea to the attention of the Yazoo County Board of Supervisors during its last meeting. The Yazoo County Regional Correctional Facility is looking to hire four more additional guards. And Sheriff said his department could possibly provide three deputies to more adequately staff the facility and improve working conditions.

“Due to it being hard to find guards to work the jail, we talked about the deputies on their off days being able to work the jail and be compensated,” Sheriff said.

Chief Deputy Joey Head said the presence of the county deputies would not only help with the workload but would also serve as beneficial overseers within the employee pool.

This news comes at the heels of three jail guards being charged with sexual battery after being accused of having sexual relations with two female inmates.

“It would keep the ones (employees) already out there on their toes and keep them in line,” Head said. “I think having the deputies will also help control the inmates.”

Head added that the deputies would not every day when they are off. But they will have the opportunity.

“I also want to keep the ones (employees) that are there on their toes,” Head continued. “I don’t think as much stuff will come in if we keep a better watch on things.”

Also, the deputies will be paid the hourly wage of security officer, not deputy.