Couple drowns in flood waters after car leaves road


Speed may have played a factor in the accident that left two people dead following a crash into flood waters Thursday night.

Darron Wilson, 34, of Vicksburg, and LeTamela Taylor, 29, of Rolling Fork, died after their car left the road and landed in flood water on Satartia Road near Holly Bluff.

Yazoo County Coroner Ricky Shivers said the couple apparently lost control of their car in a curve and ended up in high water after leaving the roadway. The car quickly sank after hitting the water.

Taylor, who was a 911 dispatcher for Sharkey County, was 13 weeks pregnant.

Terry Gann, chief investigator with the Yazoo County Sheriff’s Department, said the vehicle was seen traveling at a high rate of speed prior to the accident.

“We found a video from a home security system that showed them traveling at a pretty high rate of speed,” Gann said. “Also, the road they were travelling on was closed. We had barricades up, and they went around them.”

Gann said someone drove by the scene Saturday and saw skid marks on the road, going into the flood water. Shortly afterwards, the two bodies were discovered floating in the water.

Volunteers with the Holly Bluff Volunteer Fire Department and the Yazoo County Dive Team recovered the bodies. The vehicle was also pulled from the waters.

Sheriff Jake Sheriff said that Wilson and Taylor were last seen leaving a party in Vicksburg. Sheriff said investigators believe the incident to be a tragic accident and urged residents to be cautious when driving in areas affected by flooding.