Barron named new superintendent of Yazoo County School District


A new superintendent has been hired by the Yazoo County School Board and will assume the post on July 1.

Dr. Kenyon “Ken” Barron will mark the first superintendent appointed by the county school following a change in state law that eliminates the election of district superintendents. Barron will replace Becky Fisher, who has served as leader of the county district since 2012.

Barron is currently a principal in the Neshoba County School District, where he has worked since 2010.  In his tenure with the Neshoba district, he served as principal of the elementary school and of the middle school.  During his career, he also served as a principal, assistant principal, teacher, and coach in the Simpson County School District from 1997 – 2010. 

 Barron is anxious to get started in the new position.

“I am humbled and honored to serve as the next superintendent of the Yazoo County School District,” Barron said. “I am looking forward to working with the Yazoo County Board members, the teachers, staff, and administrators, the students, the parents and the community stakeholders to keep a focus on academics.  Working together, we can provide expanded opportunities for our students and our educators.  I am excited about visiting the district and getting to know everyone.” 

Barron holds a doctoral degree from Mississippi State University, and an undergraduate degree and two master’s degrees from William Carey University.

The Yazoo County Board engaged the services of the Mississippi School Boards Association (MSBA) to conduct the superintendent search process.  The job announcement was posted March 12, 2018, with a deadline for applications of April 7, 2018.  The announcement resulted in 13 applications with 11 applicants from in-state and two from out-of-state.

Input regarding the qualifications for the superintendent, priorities to be addressed within the district and indicators of success from the first year on the job were sought from district employees, parents, and community members was sought via stakeholder meetings on April 11 and through an online survey.  The board used this input in making their decision as to who would be appointed as the new superintendent.

The board plans to host meetings soon to introduce Barron to the educational staff and to the community.