Yazoo native Shelley Cresswell Walker earns promotion


Yazoo County native Shelley Cresswell Walker has been promoted to vice president of emerging brands and innovation for Chawla Hotels.

"Shelley has earned the VP designation over the last couple of years by bringing things to the table that our company once dreamed of,” said Suresh Chawla, president of Chawla Hotels.

Chawla said that some of Walker’s most significant accomplishments include:

1. Helping create the Chawla Hospitality Academy, a new workforce training center based at Coahoma Community College.

2. Helping create workforce training contracts with two community colleges in the Mississippi Delta.

3. Serving as the liaison between Trump Hotels and Chawla Hotels on the development of the American Idea hotels and Scion Hotel planned for the Mississippi Delta

"These are just some of the things that Shelley has worked on for the benefit of the organization," added Dinesh Chawla, CEO of Chawla Hotels. "Shelley is helping take Delta hospitality to a whole new level."

The Hampton Inn in Yazoo City is among the properties owned by Chawla Hotels. Members of the Chawla family were leaders in helping spark development at the Willie Morris Parkway in Yazoo City.