Help is available for the broken and hurting

Dear Editor,

Nothing outside of salvation can compare to being blessed to have a true soul mate, or someone you love to share your life with.  Unfortunately sickness, an accident, sudden death, or some horrible thing can happen to take our loved ones away.  Regardless to whether we see it coming or not when the funeral or cremation is over the hardest part is trying to live with the overwhelming hurt that's so real, and the huge hole in our hearts. 

"The Next Day" is a place for people like myself who have learned to live productive lives in spite of our great loss.  A place where you can talk, be encouraged, cry, and be prayed for.  A place of fellowship and understanding from those who have been through the same storm.  A place to heal, to be strengthened, and learn to live and laugh again. 

To those who still have your loved ones, make good memories. To anyone who is broken and hurting, call Pastor Shinal at 662-590-5344 for more information about "The Next Day."

Pastor Emma Marie Shinal