Mavericks soccer team gets a win against Porter's Chapel


After cooling off for a while and regrouping over the holiday break, the Manchester Maverick's Soccer team broke even on two recent games.

The Mavericks fell 3-0 to Park Place in what Coach Byron Kelly said was one of the best games his boys have played all season.

"I thought that was our best game we've had even though we did lose," he said. "They were a really good team, but we did really well and I was proud of that game there."

On Monday, the Mavericks hosted Porters Chapel, and pulled out a big conference win with a score of 5-0 against the Eagles.

"We didn't play as well in that game as we did against Park Place, but we still won," Kelly said. "We are learning how to win now, so that's always good."

With a current season record of 1-5, and holding steady at 1-1 in district, the Mavericks seem to be making big improvements on the soccer field, which may prove helpful for the rest of the season.

"I think we have a good chance in our conference," Kelly said. "We have improved a ton and we are looking good.  I am proud of every boy and how committed they are to the team."

Matt Carroll and Will Peeler were the Mavericks who scored goals in the win against Porters Chapel this week.

Kelly added that Reid Bain and Jacob Scott contributed a great effort on defense as well.

"We held possession of the ball and had control over the pace of the game," he said. "That's something that we usually have not done, and I was proud of that."

The Junior Varsity Mavericks also took home a win over Porters Chapel the same night, with a score of 3-1.

"We are young and we have a bunch of 7th graders on the team," Kelly said. "They play a key role to the team because that is who we practice against every day.  Those boys have a bright future ahead of them."

Coming up, the Mavericks will host Central Hinds in a non-conference game at home on Jan. 22, and will travel to face Porters Chapel again on Jan. 24.

"These next three games look really good for us," Kelly said.