Indians enter district play seeking first win


On Friday night, Yazoo City’s Indians fell to reigning 4A champ Louisville High School 49-0.

The loss dropped the Indians’ record to 0-6 on the year.

For Yazoo City head coach Rodney Adams, it was another disappointment in a series of disappointments.

It was especially disappointing because he wanted to see his team compete with the best of the best, and that did not happen.

“Last week game was a big disappointment,” Adams said. “My team played horrible. I think they were intimidated because they were playing against the 4A champion Louisville High. They were dropping touchdowns and interceptions.”

The biggest issue that Adams saw in his team was crippling fear.

Fear tormented his team all night and stopped them from ever posing a real threat.

Fear has stopped them from reaching even a semblance of their potential.

Adams wants them to leave their fear behind with this loss.

“I had a heart-to-heart talk with my team about fear,” Adams said. “Never think a team can't be beat. Upsets occur all the time in sports. They just don't know how good they are, and when they do realize it, my team will be unstoppable. I think they will perform better this week against Clarksdale our first district game.”

The shining bit of positivity for the Indians in a season with very little of it thus far is that nothing they have done really matters… yet.

With district play beginning on Friday night, they have the opportunity to change the direction of their season.

The real season begins this Friday night, and Adams believes his team finally realizes what is at stake.

“I told the team those losses don't matter,” Adams said. “They understand that every game we play now will determine if we go to the playoffs and our ranking. They must play at a higher level.”

Clarksdale is 3-3 on the season after falling 35-26 to Choctaw County on Friday night.

The offensive backfield is what makes Clarksdale go, and Adams believes stopping them is the key to the Indians’ first win of the season.

“They have a good running back, and the QB is an athlete,” Adams said. “If we shut down their running game, we win.”

Kickoff at Clarksdale is set for 7 p.m.