Let's all come together and save Yazoo

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to those who saw fit to select me as the 2019 Officer of The Year.

Throughout my 25 years in Law Enforcement on the local and up to the state and federal credentials I’ve held, I’ve received more than a handful of awards and commendations. But none of those hold a candle to the pride I felt when I was chosen by the people I serve in this community that I love so much.

Thank you, thank you so much. Receiving this honor reminded me that there are still people in this community who want order and law. That there are still people who support their law enforcement. They do this because those few understand that without public safety, you cannot have anything good in your community. Businesses will not come to a dirty, unsafe city and invest in it. Only the bad will come.

They’ll hear about a community that doesn’t support its law enforcement and they will run straight to it. They’ll come to take advantage of that community because they know that a law enforcement entity that has no support from the community it serves is weak.

That weakness is exploited by the bad. The bad knows that without the support of the community, the department is hindered heavily by witnesses to crimes who will not cooperate with law enforcement, by people who view looking out for one another isn’t their business, that it’s “not my job”.

The bad knows those departments are usually understaffed and poorly equipped which again makes them weak. But not as weak as they are when someone choses to take to social media and make accusations of “inactivity” or “laziness” over something they never even called to report to begin with.

Yazoo, I love you. I truly do. But if we don’t come together and get behind one another and with your emergency services, the bad will come. It will keep coming until it is all that is here.

For those who think they can do better, we want you! We’re hiring! Get off the fence, stop turning a blind eye, stop placing blame and get involved. Get off of Facebook! You’re missing out on so much!

Start coming to town hall meetings, join a civic club, join neighborhood watch, come to coffee with a cop, go to church! Get involved with your community and those charged with serving it for they are part of it. Can we do better? Absolutely, each and every one of us can, so let’s do this together!

Jay Winstead