Check with attorney or county engineer for bridge updates

Dear Editor,

I want to say thank you to the residents of Yazoo County and District 1. I truly devoted my efforts to the improvement of the county and the district in every avenue possible. Most early mornings in prayer I have asked the Lord’s wisdom and guidance in all I do.

I have appreciated the dedication of the employees of District 1, covering 320 miles of roadway, working to improve, yet without complaint regardless of obstacles – and there were many.

Should anyone have any questions regarding the Anding or Hilderbrand bridges, contact property attorney Wiley Barbour at 746-2134 ext. 11 or County Engineer Larry Dixon at 571-3407 for answers concerning the delays. I have worked diligently to expedite the construction, even exceeding my assigned duties for completion.

During this campaign I prayed the Lord’s will be don, and I am truly at peace with His answer for me. I have worked for the public since 14 years of age, and now it’s time to devote my time to serving my Lord and my family. My wife has said, “I go out each work day eager to serve and handle my assigned responsibilities.” Try as I did, there was no way to appease everyone, even though I tried.

Now my request is I am allowed to enjoy each day given in private life. Thank you.

I will continue my elected duties throughout the end of the year. My prayer is that God’s blessings be with Yazoo County. 2 Chronicles 7:14

My wish for everyone is a “Joyous, Holy, Holiday Season.”


Van Foster