Yazoo's most visible eyesore

These days it seems like every time we drive down Main Street the dilapidated buildings on the fourth block have fallen in a little more.

Buildings that were once a source of pride for our community now send a message that we no longer take pride in our city’s appearance.

There was some talk among city leaders recently about cleaning up Yazoo’s most visible eyesore. We hope it wasn’t all talk because the fact that these buildings have been allowed to slowly crumble right there in our downtown businesses district is a sad statement about our city’s commitment to having a clean and safe community.

It’s also an obstacle to all the efforts and investments that have been and are still being made to improve our historic downtown and boost the local business community. Hometown people are making major investments just up the street and working hard to restore those beautiful buildings and bring new business life to Main Street.

People from all over the world regularly visit downtown Yazoo because they want to experience something unique. Take a look at the guest books at places like Downtown Marketplace or Tom’s on Main, and you’ll probably be surprised to see how many visitors downtown Yazoo attracts from many different places.

Unfortunately, their last impression is a block of buildings caving in.

That is not the kind of impression our city wants to make on visitors, and it shouldn’t be acceptable to those of us who live here either.

Can you imagine that happening in any progressive city in America?