We do not believe this was an accident

Dear Editor,

In Saturday’s front page article, Cause Of Man’s Injuries Remains A Mystery, brought many emotions within me.

A great deal of the facts may be correct in the article, however, there are several points not considered in the article at the time he was found. Use common sense. My uncle and his wallet are never separated. His wallet was found on his truck seat.

WHO placed the wallet on the seat, and I might add it had been depleted of money from Friday morning? I was told YPD said there was no need to fingerprint anything. He also carried a pistol in his pocket 24 hours a day. That pistol is missing. 

I pray YPD can step it up obtaining leads. Someone knows something. We or I have lost faith in them. The article is misleading in that it states my uncle is conscious yet would not speak with them. That statement hurt and stung all at the same time. He has been unresponsive. I did ask an investigator about that statement in the paper. His statement, ‘I had to review the officer's body cam footage. He was moving his arms and attempting to crawl Monday. He just wouldn’t talk. Once they got him on the stretcher I don’t know what happened. We’ve tried talking with the hospital staff but they don’t like cooperating with us very well.” With major head injuries and swelling, he has been unresponsive. The hospital staff has provided the family with details of his injuries/assault.

I believe YPD could obtain the same if desired although I am uncertain of the limits of HIPPA. The article mentioned a business had surveillance cameras. I understand the footage was of no use to them.  In all fairness, I do understand the organized chaos my uncle kept in all of his scrap metal collecting.

I do see that one may walk in and feel that had walked into a junkyard of sorts. He (when well) could locate anything he had collected. Please don't give up on finding his attackers rather than trying to determine if his injury is accidental....; the easy way out.

Please pray that monster falls in YPD’s lap.  Continued prayers for my uncle and his siblings. As of today, my uncle remains unresponsive from the robbery, severe beating, stab wounds, swelling, and more.

He is known as The Peanut Man and also works with scrap metal. I am not disputing the building was full of hard objects.  If there is anyone out there that knows something, please come forward and share.   You never know when your family member may be in this situation.

Cindy Peeples Marshall