Sedric Hudson will be missed as Parks & Recreation director

We were sad to hear that Sedric Hudson decided to resign from his position as director of Yazoo Parks & Recreation this week.

We don’t blame him though.

It would be difficult for anyone to work as hard as he has and mostly just get negative feedback from local elected officials and reduced funding for his efforts.

During Hudson’s tenure the fields were properly maintained for the first time in a long time. No more tall grass and overflowing garbage cans. The restrooms were even clean.

He got the job done, and he did it with less resources than his department has received in many years. He wore many hats, and you could even find him working in the concession stand at the Wardell Leach Recreational Complex baseball game nights. That’s not part of the job description, but Hudson was willing to go the extra mile.

Despite his efforts, Hudson never got the support from local leaders that he deserved.

Elected officials may not have noticed, but the people he served certainly did. Hudson was awarded the Spirit of Yazoo Award, the highest honor presented by the Yazoo Chamber of Commerce last year, and he was voted Man of the Year by readers of this newspaper. Patrons of our local parks were grateful for his efforts.

We appreciate Mr. Hudson’s hard work, and we hope that someone capable of doing the job will be willing to pick up where he is leaving off.

Hopefully that individual will receive more support.