The McCoys left their mark on Yazoo

Few people will leave a more lasting legacy in Yazoo than the late Willie and Jevonne McCoy.

Mrs. McCoy was one of the most beloved and influential educators in our community’s history, and her name will always be remembered here because of the elementary school bearing her name. Her influence also lives on through the many students she inspired during her successful career in education.

Mr. McCoy, who passed away last week, also left a lasting mark on Yazoo. Like his wife, he was a talented music teacher and a positive role model for many students over the course of his career. He later served as a media specialists for the city school district.

Outside of his work in the schools, Mr. McCoy was also active in the community, serving both his church and many civic endeavors. We had the pleasure of working with him on some of those projects, and we always enjoyed talking with him.

Mr. McCoy was a fascinating man with many interesting stories to tell.

Willie and Jevonne McCoy moved to Yazoo City in 1957, and this is where they chose to work and raise their families. They could not have possibly realized what a difference they would make in their new home.

Yazoo is fortunate that the McCoys found our community and chose to make it their home. They will always be remembered for their many contributions, and we can say without a doubt that they left Yazoo better than they found it.