This isn't the kind of "help" we need

It had never occurred to us that the folks frequently setting trash-filled dumpsters on fire around the county might have good intentions, but someone recently pointed out that their hearts might be in the right place.

We’re not so sure about that, but at least it offers some explanation why such destructive behavior is common in our county. Maybe they think they’re doing some good by setting the garbage on fire to create room for more trash when the bins are filled to capacity.

After all, it’s not uncommon to find local garbage bins overflowing. Scavengers often make matters worse by throwing garbage on the ground. Don’t even get us started on the people who leave rotting deer carcasses at public trash disposal sites, giving all hunters a bad reputation that most of them don’t deserve.

But if anyone thinks they’re helping by setting trash on fire inside the large metal bins, let’s set the record straight. You are not only not helping, you are destroying county property that our tax dollars must replace. You are making the garbage problem even worse while you’re at it.

Garbage bins are designed to hold household garbage, not contain blazes.

That might seem obvious to most of us, but there are clearly either many county residents who have not connected the dots or a couple of prolific arsonists amongst us.

When the dumpsters are set on fire it’s usually just a short time before the bottoms rust out. They must be replaced, and if there’s any delay at all in getting replacements in, the dumpster sites get even nastier than their normal condition.

If you know someone who actually believes they’re doing something positive by setting garbage on fire, please educate them on the subject.

If that doesn’t help, perhaps reminding them that it is a crime – and county leaders would probably love to make an example out of someone – will.