If they weren't going to enforce it anyway...

 They might as well have passed a law that said every patron shall be provided with a bullet proof vest and each club shall have a medical helicopter on standby within 50 feet of the building during operating hours.

If city officials were going to pass a “tough” ordinance designed to make the public feel safer that they never really intended to enforce, why not go all out?

If it’s only a false sense of security, why not make us feel so secure that some folks might even start leaving their guns at home when they head to the local dive for a night of drinking and partying until the cows come home?

The city could decree that every bartender shall be a trained emergency room physician or maybe appoint Chuck Norris as head of security. Even the tiny hole-in-the-wall clubs selling warm beer while the same three drunken patrons caterwaul on the karaoke machine every night could be required to have facial recognition technology at every entrance and safe rooms inside in case a dangerous criminal was detected.

Apparently none of these things would be any more unrealistic than the city’s ordinance requiring night clubs to have licensed security that is approved by the police department during operating hours. We learned this week that not one single night club in Yazoo City has met that requirement. Apparently, the city has been unwilling – or unable – to enforce it.

This isn’t a new law. Two police chiefs have come and gone since it was passed.

It wasn’t some obscure rule that was buried in a bunch of other regulations so that it didn’t get much attention. It was part of an urgent response to the fact that shootings were becoming regular in the early morning hours at Yazoo City’s night clubs, and the murder rate was reaching a level our city had never seen before.

Another part of the ordinance that had been enforced – or at least enforced to the best of our police department’s ability with its limited resources as it was routinely ignored by many – was requiring the clubs to close at midnight.

That requirement has been the subject of much debate. Local law enforcement officers have stated that they believe the earlier closing times are effective. Former Police Chief Andre Lloyd stated his support for the earlier closing times when he was chief, but after recently being elected as Alderman of Ward 2 his position seems to have changed.

“Clubs don’t kill people,” was Mr. Lloyd’s comment on the issue during a previous city council meeting.

He’s right about that, but he’s worked enough cases to know that a lot of people have gotten killed at clubs in Yazoo City.

Yazoo City’s leadership should either enforce the existing ordinances or get rid of them.

At least then people would know what they were getting into if they decide to visit one of this city’s night clubs for some late night revelry.