A great Yazooan, and a great American

We lost a great Yazooan, and a great American, Monday with the passing of Mr. Norman Damiens at age 88.

Many of our readers will likely remember Mr. Damiens for his contributions to the local business community. He owned and operated Yazoo Tire Service for 36 years, and he always had a reputation as an honest and fair businessman. He learned the business from his father, Joe Damiens, who operated a successful tire service business in Jackson for decades.

Damiens opened his business on Broadway in 1953 and later moved it to Mound Street before relocating to its home on 149 West where he operated the business until he sold it in December of 1988.

There are plenty of people around Yazoo who remember Mr. Damiens as a business man, but he didn’t just serve this community – he also served this country with honor.

As a U.S. Marine, Damiens was called into service in 1950 found himself in a battle that is still remembered today. Fighting with the C Charley Battery, Damiens was one of 19 soldiers cut off from his battery for over two weeks. Thousands of Chinese soldiers came through during that time, and Damiens and his fellow Marines were presumed dead.

Somehow they survived, despite temperatures recorded as low as 18 degrees below zero. Damiens suffered frost bite that continued to affect him throughout his life.

Norman Paul Damiens lived a long and useful life, and during the same week that we celebrated this country’s independence, we think it’s appropriate to take a moment to honor the memory of one of the brave men who help us continue to enjoy our freedom.

Farewell sir. May the memories of the example you set help us all strive to be better people.