Charlotte Helton had a great impact on Yazoo

"She has really been the one to keep the wheels on the Helton wagon."

Those were the words used by Kennith Helton when he described his wife Charlotte's role in guiding their family during an interview for this newspaper describing how they established their roots in our community.

No family has had a larger impact on Yazoo City's business community and our local economy than the Helton family, and Charlotte Helton deserves a great deal of credit for the family's success.

Mrs. Helton, who died last week, came to Yazoo City with her husband in 1964 because he had an opportunity to make a little more money working for a grocery business here. In the early days she did everything from wrapping meat and checking groceries to keeping the books and making deposits while working alongside her husband.

Through lots of hard work and smart business decisions, the Heltons became leaders in Yazoo City's business community. They also began a family tradition as they taught their sons about hard work and making wise investments.

Through the years Mrs. Helton gave back to her community and her church, and she was always proud to call Yazoo home. The Heltons enjoyed enough success that they could have lived anywhere in the world, but they have always believed in giving back to the community that showed them so much support.

Charlotte Helton certainly leaves Yazoo City better than she found it. Much better.

She will be missed.