A new Yazoo begins with you


I’d love to say that Spring has Sprung, but I’m still wondering if the ole groundhog wasn’t just having a laugh at our expense when he said an early spring was in the air. Since they pulled that fat scoundrel out of his hole and made him do a TV interview, we’ve had a lot of rain and cold, and more cold . . . I’m just sayin’.

First, let me apologize, my February article had a couple of type-o’s, as we called them back in the day. (Me where the word should have been We, etc.) I’ll try to be mindful and honor this page a little better. Then again, you’re reading an article from a guy who ruined his first computer screen with white-out ‘cause that’s how they taught us to correct mistakes back in the days of my typing classes.  Lol!   In all sincerity, I thank you for the opportunity of service. This next month marks three years since I was called to serve Yazoo and the great fellowship of Satartia First, and I am eternally grateful for this season, in spite of the fact that God alone knows the timeline of my tenure here, and some wish I had already moved on.

Sure, I use those words “I” and “Me” in a prolific manner at times, and several have pointed this out. It is in no way intended to be self-aggrandizement. Generally, I’m telling parts of “my” story – life experiences from the Word, and how I’ve seen God move as I have worked to fulfill His call on my life, a call to a lifetime of vocational ministry. In truth, we all use those two words quite often, especially if we feel that there is the possibility of having our opinion or platform of belief heard with greater impact. Nonetheless, there is a counter-part to that benefit. With personal involvement comes personal responsibility. “I” can talk about what needs to be done all day long, but unless I then put myself in the mix of finding a solution, personally, then my words are just idle ego-filled chatter; and may I tell you in no uncertain terms, a guy who has his head so far up his ego that he can’t see the sunshine, is just about useless. (I’ve met a couple of them in Yazoo! Ha!) Christian author and comedian, Ken Davis says it best – “Show me a man who takes himself too seriously, and I’ll show you a man who doesn’t take God seriously enough!”

Spring, as I began, is at the very worst, just a short time away. Spring is a time of new beginnings. List five things you like about Yazoo. GUESS WHAT!? Those good things exist because someone is working or has worked to see that those things exist. Now, list five things you “hate” about Yazoo. . . You guessed it! The ONLY way those less-than-favorable attributes of this county will ever change is if individuals begin to put their hands to the proverbial plow and change the direction of the rows in the field.

On a deeper, more personal level, it truly does begin with YOU!  In the Revelation, on pages marked as chapter twenty-one, verse five, our Creator says, “Behold I make ALL things new.” For you see, my friends, you and I have first the decision to make regarding our own lives. What will be our foundation – the bedrock on which we build every component of our lives?  We are created beings, and thus, by design we will never be complete, or have ability to function as designed, until we are restored to our Creator.  That broken relationship between Creator and created is repaired by One alone, and His name is Jesus, the Christ.

Just as with Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays, there are those who do not celebrate the newness of life which unfolds as spring arrives because they do not know life, and therefore, living as incomplete, unrestored people, they see no signs of life. I say it all the time. We should not be surprised with the most heinous of crimes committed or the most debaucherous immorality, because dead people live like dead people. They’ve not yet found Life!

So, it comes back to YOU, again.  Personally, if you’re not pleased with how life’s going, a change of season will not be the answer, for sure. Yet, there is for you the opportunity of a new beginning. The Beloved Disciple, John recorded that this Jesus Christ said of YOU, “I have come that you could have Life, and have life abundantly.” YES!  He made a personal offer to you!! “Don’t like your life as it’s going, I can give you a new one,” Jesus said.   Then, for those of us who have come to know this new life, living in an intimate, personal, passionate, love relationship with the Savior of the World, and by His sacrificial offering restored to our Creator, we have an even greater obligation – sharing the life we’ve found with those who are still dead.  As the very creation around us bursts forth with new life each spring, we too should be just bubbling over, every breath gushing out of us this overwhelming new Life which found us, and forever made us new.  You and I, because of Christ, made alive forevermore, daily pouring that new life out on Yazoo, WILL see a New Yazoo, the likes of which has never existed in history.

By His Mercy & Grace,   Brother Royce  I Cor. 9:16