Let's come together for Christ in Yazoo


If you had the opportunity to save a drowning child, would you do it?

If you had the opportunity to draw closer to God, would you take it?

If you had the opportunity to be used by God in a powerful way, would you take advantage of it?

Jesus taught his disciples to pray "thy will be done." A major part of that will is the unity of his Church.  On the night before his crucifixion, Jesus prayed four separate times that his disciples may be one. 

Unity must be extremely important to the Lord, and yet we have become very indifferent to the divisions we have inherited.

The Yazoo Ministerial Association is offering our community to be more in alignment with the prayer of Jesus for the unity of his Church.

For one week in June, from Monday, June 18 through Friday, June 22, at 7 p.m. at McCoy Elementary Cafetorium located behind Yazoo City High School at 1838 School Drive in Yazoo City, we shall gather together as one body of believers.

We shall worship together, pray together. and listen together to the Word of God from an outstanding group of preachers who are in demand in other countries: Bishop Edward Duku of South Africa; Dr. Robert and Pam Armstrong of Springfield, Illinois; Rickey Musgrove of Edmonton, Oklahoma; and Robby Dawkins of Southlake, Texas.  Robby Dawkins has been featured in the movies Furious Love in 2010. Father of Light in 2012, and Holy Ghost Reborn in 2015.

There are not many opportunities in Yazoo City for all Christians to come together at one time and place to worship and pray.  Revive Yazoo is one of those rare opportunities when we can intentionally be obedient to Jesus' prayer for unity of the Church.

Our fragmented church has become impotent against the dismal tide of our toxic culture, which is destroying the fabric of our society.  Only a united, empowered Church can speak Truth and Life into this Culture of Death.

The Lord desires our obedient unity so that He can use us to reach out to the children who are drowning in this culture. Your  presence at Revive Yazoo says to that Culture of Death: "Enough!"