2019 has to be a year of action for the faith community in Yazoo County


Happy New Year, friends!!!

I trust that you have enjoyed a Christmas season blessed and highly favored of God. . . we all did, whether we realize it or not.

My grandfather said, “You’ll always find folks better off than you and you’ll always find folks worse off than you – be thankful for where you are.” Hey! You are still suckin’ and blowin’ wind at this moment, as I say often, so in this very moment you are blessed beyond measure because you are alive. (Every day is an opportunity – don’t miss out!)

Man! The Spirit of the Lord is stirring in this county! In every way God is directing paths, orchestrating relationships, and bringing resources to bear which could be, as Jim Cymbala writes, a fresh wind and a fresh fire for Yazoo County as this New Year dawns. Our brother James writes that the only true and undefiled religious practice is keeping a right relationship with God and serving those in need.

Furthermore, he calls us to self-evaluate – making it clear that a talking-only faith is cheap and dead. Our lives and our actions must demonstrate the faith we claim, otherwise our faith is without foundation.

Friend, there is a lot afoot in this county with Kingdom cause, but to see God-sized potential become fruitful, we will have to walk this journey TOGETHER!

If you have not recently attended the monthly ministerial association luncheon here in Yazoo, come join us!  This great group of leaders meets every third Wednesday at noon, generally at Ming’s restaurant. This group of guys and gals is genuinely pressing in to hear and follow the heart of God, as one in Christ. Recently my good friend and fellow minister, Ted DiBiase (Million Dollar Man of former WWF fame) and his ministry, Heart of David shared with us how twelve churches in Florence linked arms, and once a month, for like a year, they all “left the church.” YES! What a great idea!!  WHAT IF one Sunday a month twelve of us (from all denominations) showed up at church in scrubs, work clothes, etc., and then left the church building in a united effort to go out and SERVE this community? The results of this “Get out of Church” initiative were staggering!

I KNOW! I just sent shock waves through the hearts of several folks reading. We are so dyed in the wool of our tradition that we think anything that would keep us from showing up at some building which is supposed to be an edifice to God has to be heresy. 

Well, let’s review the word!  Just one example, Matthew 25: 31 and following verses demonstrate that we should clearly be more worried about BEING the church than we are about attending a meeting at a building on Main Street USA. 

Not one of us has all the answers, but each of us is gifted such that if we come together, putting our hands to the proverbial plow, in Jesus Name, not in promotion of our denominational banner, then we may well see the Shekinah Glory (the manifest presence of God) fall on this county in 2019 in proportions which could bring city-wide transformations like in the day when Spurgeon was preaching under the influence of the Holy Spirit of God.

Let’s actually pray for God to show up and show out – wrecking, absolutely transforming Yazoo, the city and county in 2019!!  WILL YOU!!?? He is able if we are willing . . .

Time to Revive, a united effort of outreach through prayer and the Word is coming to Yazoo. This same ministerial association is already planning another back-to-school drug awareness event for the fall, and our 252 Yazoo student ministry is beginning an uptown location on the third Wednesday night of each month. (WOW! What if twelve church youth groups showed up for that!?) 252 is also ALREADY planning for Snowbird 2020 – a county-wide summer camp outreach. YES!  I know there are some folks doing some community works with their own church members, and that is to be applauded.  Nonetheless, Christ prayed to God the Father that we would be ONE, just as He and God are one.  The items I’ve mentioned and so many others are works which are growing because The Body of Christ is coming together, not sitting under separate shade trees for personal comfort. May I encourage you, yes, even invite you to come join us on the third Wednesday of each month for the ministerial association luncheon – and you don’t have to be a pastor.  You may just hear where YOU can get connected and be a part of the Kingdom advancement in a way that uses your passions and giftedness.

Henry Blackaby says wisely that we should find out where God is working, then go there and join Him. God is at work in this county, and HE is bringing His body together through entities like the Yazoo Ministerial Association and 252 Yazoo. Let’s you and I join our spirits with the Spirit of God, walk with one another, and encourage one another to see the Fame, Glory, and Renown of Jesus Christ grow in Yazoo, in exponential proportions in the year 2019!

Because of His Mercy,   Brother Royce  I Cor. 9:16

Rev. Royce R. Lott, Jr. is pastor of FBC Satartia – all comments should be directed to broroyce1@gmail.com