Yazoo's Jacob Scott returns to television Wednesday

Jacob Scott will be putting his skills to the test again next week as he appears on another Chopped Junior episode. 
Scott, 13, will be among 12 kids who will cook for the chance to earn three spots as junior judges in the finale, where they'll get to pass judgment on four senior Chopped judges.
The popular Food Network show will air on Wednesday at 7 p.m.
Leslie Scott, Jacob’s mother and former Chopped Grill Master competitor, said she is extremely proud of Jacob’s continued success in the food competition circuit.
“He's brave,” she said. “Chopped is one of the hardest things I've done in my life. I can't imagine doing it as a 13-year-old kid.”
Jacob said he is ready to compete again, and he has been practicing at home.
“After the first TV show I wanted to come home and cook more,” Jacob said. “It inspired me to cook more.”
Jacob said he plans to use what he learned during his first Chopped competition to improve his skills in his latest challenge. 
“I'll try to do what I learned and not get distracted,” he said. “This time I'm not going to get as stressed.”
The Scott family has also taken their passion for barbecue and cooking to Jacob’s school, Manchester Academy. 
“Jacob and I teach a class every other week to the Manchester Culinary Club,” Leslie said. “We've learned to make gumbo, Mac and Cheese, pasta carbonara and chicken Alfredo to name a few. We've done a tasting of food from Australia and served lunch to the MA football team. It's been one of the most fun things I've done this year.”
Jacob has traveled the country competing with his barbecue family, entering his first competition at only six years old. And when he is not competing, he is busy cooking meals at home. 
Eventually, Jacob hopes to travel the world, discovering new cuisines, before settling down with a restaurant of his own.