Yazooan proposes curbside pickup for the county

A Yazoo County resident told county leaders that it was time to consider curbside garbage collection within Yazoo County. He even presented a proposal from his company to handle the job.

But the Yazoo County Board of Supervisors said it was a matter that had to be handled through a bid process, adding that they understood it could be a reality in the future.

“The situation is an absolute nightmare, we know,” said Supervisor Jayne Dew. “It’s a failure on so many people’s parts, but we are approaching it.”

Spencer Madden presented a proposal for curbside collection to the county board during its Friday meeting. He admits perhaps it is because it is election season, but he said that he has heard many complaints surrounding the dumpsters and the current trash collection system within Yazoo County.

“I believe it is time to move forward in that and go to curbside pickup within the county,” Madden said. “After speaking with a number of residents, I have seen that this is the desire of many people.”

Madden said there are a multitude of problems when it comes to the dumpsters.

“We have individuals who constantly rummage through the trash, leaving a mess at the pitch-ins,” he said. “This can also cause a personal threat to someone’s security if they don’t dispose of their sensitive material properly, stolen identities or whatever the case may be. We also have individuals who set fire to the dumpsters, which causes more funds to repair or replace them.”

Madden said it is not just “dumpster divers” that are part of the problem either.

“The pitch-ins are also being used to dispose of unwanted animals, which causes an issue with residents around the dumpsters who have all these unwanted animals running around,” Madden said. “Large and bulky items the trucks can’t pick up are left there constantly to rot until a crew can get out there and properly dispose of then. Debris in the parking lots causing vehicular damage or even possible personal injuries to the residents who are dropping their trash there.

Madden said his company could collect garbage from individual homes once a week at a predicted cost of $780,000, putting the resident’s cost at about $12 a month.

“We have a lot of problems with the trash,” Dew admits. “We have ordinances that are not being enforced…dumpster divers…you name it. We have battled this issue on and on.”

But Dew said it is an issue that would fall under the county’s bid process, considering the cost. The county board said they would keep Madden’s information, but that he should approach it when the bid process is potentially advertised in the future.