Yazoo County school district maintains C rating


The Yazoo County School District maintained its rating with the recent 2017-2018 state report, showing an increase in proficiency in all subject areas.

The Mississippi Department of Education recently released the 2017-2018 district report card with the local county school district earning a C rating.

The district’s math assessment shows that 27.6 percent of students are proficient; 27.3 percent in English; 56.8 percent in science; and 53 percent in history.

The district has a graduation rate of 82 percent.

For each school individually, Bentonia Gibbs Elementary School, Linwood Elementary School and Yazoo County High School have a C rating. Yazoo County Middle School has a D rating. 

For teacher data, the district has 66.2 percent of experienced teachers.

Superintendent Dr. Ken Barron said he intends to increase the district’s rating by increasing accountability scores at each school, enhancing safety and security and empowering faculty and staff by goal setting.

“There is always hard work involved in achieving success, and there are challenges we all face,” Barron said. “Moving into this year, we will have a new science assessment for fifth grade science, eighth grade science and Biology I, and there will be an additional change to the accountability model for students with limited English proficiency.”

Barron said there is also a “rapidly shrinking pool” of qualified teacher applicants. But despite the challenges, he remains optimistic.  

“In Yazoo County, we are fortunate to have elected officials at the state and local level who help us continually rise to meet these challenges,” he said.

Barron said the district does have some successful models in place as they continue to push forward.

“The Yazoo County School District had the third highest growth rate of kindergarten reading gate scores in the state, saw an increase in each category of proficiency percentage and had an overall increase in the district’s total accountability score,” Barron said.