Victim's daughter charged with murder


The daughter of a Yazoo County man who was founded stabbed to death has been charged with his murder.

Courtney Williams, 29, was charged with murder after investigators determined the stabbing was not in self-defense.

Terry Gann, chief investigator with the Yazoo County Sheriff’s Department, said the suspect was charged with murder because her life was not in immediate danger following an altercation between her and the victim.

James R. Williams, 53, of 1150 Big Mound Road, was found slumped over the wheel of his truck and covered in blood around 11:30 p.m. last Sunday. He was pronounced dead on the scene as a result of being stabbed twice in the back.

Gann said the incident began as a dispute between the suspect and the victim over the victim’s boyfriend. Gann added that it was discovered that the victim had been drinking the night of the altercation.

“The dispute between the two got physical, and the boyfriend broke up the fight,” Gann said. “The boyfriend and the victim were soon wrestling on the ground when the victim was able to hold the boyfriend down.”

Gann said the suspect, while holding a three-year-old infant, made her way into the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife.

“She then stabbed the victim twice in the back,” Gann said. “The victim was able to walk to his truck, turn it on and turn the lights on before he died.”

Gann said investigators determined the incident was not self-defense.

“When the boyfriend broke up the fight between the suspect and the victim, the threat was eliminated for her,” Gann said. “She confessed that she was not concerned about her boyfriend, but she was concerned over her life. However, when she walked into the kitchen, there was a door that she could have went out and called for help. But, instead, she grabbed the knife.”

Gann added that the altercation between the boyfriend and the victim was not a violent attack.

“The boyfriend had no marks on him so it wasn’t a brutal beating,” Gann said.

Investigators are waiting for autopsy reports for the victim.

Courtney Williams remained in jail as of press time on a $250,000 bond.