Runoff election set for August 27


Most local primary elections were settled Tuesday night, but voters will return to the polls on Aug. 27 for a runoff.

Senate District 22

In the Democratic Primary there will be a runoff between Joseph C. Thomas and Ruffin Smith.

Thomas led the field of five candidates, but only captured 32.42 percent of the vote. A candidate must get over 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff.

Smith finished second with 21.25 percent of the vote. Candidates Mark S. Buckner and Ermea Russell also recived around 20 percent of the vote each.

The winner of the Democratic Primary will face Hayes Dent, who won the Republican Primary Tuesday, in November.


In the governor’s race Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and retired Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller will face each other to decide who will face Attorney General Jim Hood in the November general election.

Hood won the Democratic nomination Tuesday.

Attorney General

Republicans will also have to choose between Lynn Fitch and Andy Taggart for the party’s candidate for attorney general. The winner will face Democrat Jennifer Riley Collins in the general election.

Elections Settled

on Tuesday

In the Democratic Primary for District 1 Supervisor Edward “Tra” Ferrell defeated Pat Peeples 163-138 to advance to the November election. Ferrell will face Republican candidate Lee Moore and independent candidates James Douglas and Van Foster. Foster is the incumbent.

In the Democratic Primary for District 2 Remona Suttlar defeated Ricky Helms 384-142 to advance to the general election, where she will face incumbent David Berry and independent candidate Bill Anderson.

In the Democratic Primary for District 4 Marcia Arp defeated Dale Lakes 299-203. John Vancleave received 38 votes.

Arp will face independent candidates David Shipp and Jayne Dew in November. Dew is the incumbent.

For Northern District Constable Jeremy McCoy defeated Brian White 935-304 in the Democratic Primary.

Eddie Ace Smith defeated Danny Neely 672-649 in the Southern District Constable Democratic Primary.

Rules for Voting

in the Runoff

Voters who voted Tuesday must vote in the same primary on Aug. 27. Voters cannot switch parties for the runoff. Voters who did not vote at all on Tuesday may vote for either party in the runoff.