PSC to repair damaged literary walkway

The Public Service Commission will soon begin repairs to a local literary walkway that was damaged by one of its work crews earlier this summer. 
Jimmy Wever, PSC manager, said the Henry Herschel Brickell Memorial Yazoo Literary Walkway was damaged after PSC crews brought down a tree located next to the walkway. 
“At the end of August, a big tree came down after being struck by lightning,” Wever said. “We ended up taking that tree on down to the trunk. Some of those stones got damaged from the limbs falling on it.”
The Yazoo Historical Society, the Brickell Family Foundation and the Ricks Memorial Library joined efforts to create the walkway in 2010.  The walkway, connecting Ricks Memorial Library with the Triangle Cultural Center, now honors the memory of over 100 Yazooans who have contributed to the literary world.  
Many locals have wondered about the walkway’s damage and when it would be repaired. Local historian Sam Olden contacted Wever about the problem after noticing the damage. 
Olden said the walkway was particularly important to local history and was made a reality thanks to a generous donation by the Brickell family. Olden also personally donated to the walkway’s creation. 
Wever told the PSC Board of Commissioners that he felt PSC was responsible for repairing the damage.
“That walkway belongs to the city so it's really damaging our own property,” he said. “I think we have an obligation there to repair it.”
Wever said the repairs would carry a $1,450 price tag.  
“I would like to get in and go ahead and fix it,” Wever told the Commissioners Tuesday afternoon. 
Eddie Joe Alias, PSC board member, asked if the damage be considered “an act of God” and covered by insurance. 
“I don’t think it was the tree and the lightning that did the damage,” Wever replied. “It was taking (the tree) all the day down. Our crew did it.” 
PSC Commissioners approved the repair of the literary walkway during its monthly board meeting this week.