Police receive new radio equipment, vests


The Yazoo City Police Department will be receiving over $40,000 worth of new equipment, which will bring the agency into updated technology geared to improve its services to the community.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the purchase of communication equipment and new radios that will link the police department with other local and state law enforcement agencies.

Comsouth Mission Critical Solutions will provide the police department with $38,700 worth of new handheld radios. Twenty radios will place the police department within the WIN system, which will connect officers with the Yazoo County Sheriff’s Department, the Yazoo City Fire Department, local emergency medical responders and school resource officers.

State agencies will also be connected with the police department. The overall service is what officers are calling “a lifeline.”

Ozborn Communications will also be bringing a dispatch console worth $9,898 to the police department.

In other equipment upgrades, the police department will also welcome all new ballistic vests for every officer within the department. The department is currently using a lot of outdated vests, many over the five-year preferred life span. There are a few new vests within the department thanks to Crimestoppers, but the recent deal will put new ones in the hands of every officer.

The outdated vests could be declared as surplus equipment and given to the armed forces, which typically use them to pack into between carrier doors to provide an extra cushion of safety.