Homes CC to offer brick masonry, residential wiring courses in Yazoo

The Holmes Community College Yazoo County Educational Center is offering community classes this fall. Two of the courses – Brick Masonry and Residential Wiring – still have spots available for those who are interested.

Brick Masonry

Brick Masonry is a new, 72-hour instructional program taught by Dale O’Banner. The course, which begins on Sept. 3, will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-8 p.m. for 12 weeks. This course is free to all participants. Topics covered include:

* Introduction to historic and current materials and processes used in the masonry trade.

* Safety concerns specific to the trade.

* Explanations of the uses of brick and concrete block, along with basic techniques for mixing mortar and laying masonry units.

* Descriptions of the hand and power tools and equipment used in mixing mortar and in cutting, laying and finishing masonry units.

* Explanations of the safe operation of masonry saws and mortar mixing machines.

* Lessons on the types and properties of mortar and the materials used in the mixture, including admixtures.

* Lessons covering all types of concrete and clay masonry units and their applications.

* Explanation of the use of ties and reinforcing materials.

* The processes used in placing masonry units, including layout and setup, spreading mortar, cutting brick and block, laying to the line, making corners, tooling joints, patching and cleanup.

Residential Wiring

Residential Wiring is an 8-week, 32-hour course that will cover all aspects of home wiring including simple receptacle and switch installation, conductors, circuit planning and more complex installation such as service panels, grounding and service drops with hands-on circuit installation and device wiring. This course, which begins Oct. 8, will run for 8 weeks and meet every Monday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. This course, taught by Josh Kraft, costs $25.

Both courses will be held at the Yazoo Center, located at 637 E. 15th Street in Yazoo City.

For more information about the courses and to register, contact Mandy Burrell at More information can also be found at