Alderman wants to decrease city travels


With the approaching tax hike in the upcoming fiscal budget for the city, one alderman said he would like to pay closer attention to travel expenses in the future.

Ward 3 Alderman Sir Johnathan Rucker said he understands some training conferences and the travel that comes with them is mandatory. But he said he would like to cut back on the city’s travel expenses when it can.

“What we have got coming up for the taxpayers, it is not a good look for the city when we travel a whole lot and stay in nice places,” Rucker said. “Citizens are back here at home…we need to look at some of these travels when we come up to the next fiscal year.”

Rucker’s comments come as the city prepares for its next fiscal year budget, which will include a six-mill increase for the taxpayers.

Mayor Diane Delaware said some of the training that city leaders must attend is mandatory and necessary to better equip the city in its direction and operations.

“Lots of previous administrations learned on the job, and what they learned was incorrect,” she said. “Therefore, we ran Yazoo City incorrectly. If you go the training and workshops, you come more informed with the capability to run your city properly. There may be some of us who believe we know everything and that we don’t have to be trained. Education is the only way to get anything done, and one must apply the education.”

Delaware said most of the training sessions and travel are included in the city’s operating budget. She added that municipalities in a less financial state attend many of the conferences.

“You will never run a town properly…unless you have knowledge and skills to do so,” Delaware said.