MA students learn about atom structure

Mrs. Cindy Middleton's 7th Grade Science class at Manchester Academy recently developed and used models that explain the structure of an atom. Members of the class are pictured as follows: First Row: Abby Crockett, Patrick Ables, Lainey James, Vera Myers, Anna Grace Perkins, M.J. Sanad. Second Row: Cole Estes, Stuart King, Will Phillips, Lexie Greenlee, James Michael Beckwith, Ana Lee Ainsworth, Will Ketchum, Cotton Neal, Sydney Porter. Third Row: Garner Burton, Caden Kilpatrick, Anna Grace Ellison, Wyatt Roark, Ty Love, Annie Sandifer, Ryelin Levison, Connor Counts and Ty Walton.Not Pictured are Preston Nelson and Olivia Turner.