Yazoo isn't even getting the small things right

Dear Editor,

Yazoo City's one of the worst cities to live, work, or attend school.

Not exactly what any of us want to hear, or read about, but if we really did some soul searching, we might have to recognize that this is probably true. After all, our city does not seem to be on any verge of a renaissance, or major revitalization, nor are there ever any noticeable activities, by our illustrious city leadership, to encourage businesses to relocate to our city. Before any of the aforementioned efforts could even be considered, much less accomplished, many changes must take place, in order for anyone to coming into our city, to ever contemplate wanting to stay here, or raise their children here.

As a resident, and one who travels in and out of Yazoo City, I try to put myself in the mindset of a visitor as I re-enter town, especially coming in off of 149 and River bridge. As I hit Broadway, heading into town, one of the sights one might observe are people walking around drinking from a paper bag; gaggles of people standing around abandoned buildings, and even active businesses.

What are they doing, one might ask. If nothing else, these activities would discourage some folks from stopping in these areas, unless they do business with those loitering about.

Police activity seems to either be focused on a different side of town, while virtually absent everywhere else, especially Grand Ave. Drivers without seat belts are everywhere, including their children; I thought using seat belts was the law.

Over the past year, or two, car owners have been installing, and using, what I call boom box type speakers. One can hear and feel these speakers from as far away as two, or three blocks; they virtually shake the windows in your house! This is everyday occurrence on Grand Ave. People dropping children off at Head Start, will have these things blasting away at 7:30-8:00 am. There used to be an ordinance about loud music – guess not!

I, and many others, observe daily, trash being thrown from vehicles, or just dropped along the road, by those walking. Racing motorcycles, from Jackson Ave and all destinations West from there, especially on weekends.

These complaints are just a few of the many that make me realize, before anything positive can happen to get us out of the Top 50 worst cities list, we must fix these problems. If you don't pay attention to the small things, then it makes us wonder why the big things are not getting done.

Tommy Hale