Our aldermen are paid more than this city can afford

Dear Editor,

Recently is was reported in your paper that "based on a MS Municipal League Survey, Yazoo City's salary for aldermen is the third-highest in the state." 

Our aldermen make about $26,000 per year plus benefits. This salary is too much for part-time employees. The city's resources should first go to making sure our full-time employees are fairly compensated. The city can't afford fat cat alderpersons.

The Mayor runs the city, and the alderpersons are mostly just along for the ride. We are very lucky that one alderman's salary caps off at $11,000 a year because he receives a state retirement.  But this won't always be.  Can you imagine we have four alderpersons who are part-time employees making $26,000 per year plus benefits?

According to the 2010 Census, Greenwood's population was 15,205.  Greenwood has seven wards, and each councilperson is paid $16,500 per year plus benefits.

In August, 2017, our aldermen voted to give themselves an $8,000 per year pay increase effective in October, 2017.  This increase should not have gone into effect until after the next city election in April, 2018. I think this raise was initiated by a former alderman who thought the council meetings lasted too long. 

I ask that as soon as the new Ward 4 alderperson is seated, that the city council considers this information and immediately votes to reduce its alderpersons' salaries to $18,000 ($26,000 minus the $8,000 pay increase) per year.

If any alderperson doesn't want to vote to reduce his or her salary, his or her constituents should take that into consideration if he or she runs for reelection.

Yours Truly,

Wallace Russell