Installing the pumps is the best way to prevent future flood damages

Dear Editor,

Numerous letters and articles have addressed the flooding in the South Delta, and the Yazoo Backwater Area in particular.

The truth is, if you don’t live in the area, you can’t begin to appreciate the toll this flood has taken on lives and businesses in the South Delta. Moreover, in addition to the losses suffered by the residents and businesses in Backwater Area, the loss of wildlife and timber resources will be staggering.

We may never fully comprehend the scope of this environmental and ecological disaster. No doubt, nature set the stage for the event, but (as has been pointed out) this is in part a man-made disaster. The Backwater Levee without pumps to drain excess water set the stage for this event and future events of equal or greater devastation.

We all agree that it is a good idea to protect our natural wetland areas and preserve the ecology of the region. If the interests of the Audubon Society and the Sierra Club are strictly concerned with wetlands preservation and the environment, it is difficult to see how the pumps will negatively impact wetlands or the environment in the future. Mitigating the damaging effects of future floods should be our goal.

We believe the best option to reduce damage from future backwater flooding is to install the pumps at the Steele Bayou Drainage Structure. Installation of the pumps will balance nature and society without tipping the scales in either direction in this sensitive part of our State.

Ronald White

General Manager,

Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association