Beware when driving on county roads

Dear Editor,

I would like to address the issue of the county not maintaining the road I live on. I live on Powell Road. The Thursday before Easter I was leaving my house, and the road was so washed out that as I dodged one washed out place another one gave way under my truck nearly putting it completely over on the driver’s side.

It did approximately $3,000 worth of damage to my truck. The county’s insurance has decided to total my truck and only offer $1,421 and take my truck.

The big issue is that I am disabled and on a fixed income, and that amount will not come close to replacing my truck with one that is in as good condition as mine was pre-accident.

I was not in debt or walking before the wreck. I don’t find it fair to have to be after the fact.

Before the last county board meeting I was told that the matter had been turned over to the county’s insurance company, and the supervisors aren’t responsible for it. Their lack of maintaining my road ultimately caused the accident. I believe they should take responsibility for making it right.

I understand that a lack of road maintenance is an issue countywide so I urge all county residents reading this to drive carefully so they don’t wind up in the situation I am in – a tore up vehicle and no way to afford another.

It took this incident for them to repair the section of road where the accident occurred.

Kenny Helms