Another good deed doesn't go unpunished

Dear Editor,

I stopped writing letters to the Editor because the foolishness and childishness in Yazoo County are endless. Quite frankly, I always have something better to do, but one of the articles on the cover of The Yazoo Herald this past Saturday, March 9, 2019 just wouldn’t let go of me.

First, I applaud the efforts of Mayor Diane Delaware at calling people to task and trying to better Yazoo City. However, looking a gift horse in the eye is not the way to do it. Can we say, ungrateful?

If I remember laws correctly, Yazoo City falls within the “territory” of Yazoo County making this little city the responsibility of Yazoo County, just as Benton, Bentonia or Little Yazoo is part of Yazoo County. 

If a Supervisor wants to help the city, say fix the roads, there should be a “Thank you” not a reprimand for doing something wrong.

Perhaps, things are not so straight forward down here as they are up North, for wherever I lived up North, out West, and out East in this country, the County doesn’t require the permission of any city to do something such as repairing a street. For the record, only those speeding in their cars need worry about speed bumps, as long as a sign is put up to indicate one exists.

I, for one hate speed bumps but only because they slow me down even when I’m going the speed limit. Slow down and proceed slowly across a speed bump and you and your car will encounter no issues. Speed bumps helps save lives of the elderly, children and animals who otherwise, might be run over by speeding cars.

For the record, County Supervisor Wright represents the people. People contacted him because of a problem with speeding vehicles. His request for a speed bump to be put in place should be praised. The County putting it into place should be praised. The County did nothing wrong.

The Mayor and Alderman should be grateful, especially after griping endlessly about how the “County never helps us. The County doesn’t do this. The County doesn’t do that.”

I remember when the city garbage trucks weren’t working and the County stepped in and helped out then, too. Good deeds don’t go unpunished and this is further proof of that. Will the city and County of Yazoo ever work together? Not if the representatives continue to behave as children. Just grow up. Do your job or stand back and let someone else do it. The endless bickering is tiresome, foolish and quite frankly, a waste of government time and money.

Yes, government representatives argue all the time, everywhere; that’s what they do, but seldom is it over such petty things such as this. I applaud Alderman Sir Jonathan Rucker for speaking up, “why wouldn’t the city welcome any assistance from the county with so many challenges facing city streets?” That, too is my question. One simple answer could be because it makes the County look good and the city look bad. You make your own speculation. There are many.

Dr. Frances Silva