The church has to leave the building, Yazoo


You’ve heard me mention it here, and we all know that FBC already has a monthly outreach of some sort where their church goes out on a specific Sunday morning, and although we’ve had some setbacks towards an organized effort for ALL county churches to begin a coordinated monthly outreach similar, we are pressing in with perseverance because we are committed to seeing this county-wide outreach happen.

Luke eleven, picking up in about verse five tells of a fellow who had unexpected guests, and because he was short on bread, he goes to his neighbor AT MIDNIGHT to borrow some bread to feed his traveler-friend.  MIDNIGHT!!  Christ goes on to emphasize that because the man will not relent, the neighbor-friend finally gets up and gives him bread because he realizes that the neighbor is not giving up.  May I confess?  I AM THAT TENACIOUS OLE NEIGHBOR in Yazoo County!!  HAAAAA!!!  You may get tired of hearing from me and you may not like the message, but I face the same reality as you.  There is going to come a day when you are going read here in the Herald that I’m in a box down at the Wright & Ferguson, and you will need to walk slow and sing soft. On that occasion, my work will be done here on this earth.  Knowing this to be fact, God save His return in the Eastern Sky, I best be found doing all that I can for the Kingdom on every day I’m here, even if, as they say in George County, it irritates the dog out of you.

SO, LISTEN UP!!!  This ole crazy tenacious preacher is calling on YOU, US, THE CHURCH THAT IS THE BODY OF CHRIST to set a table of bread for our neighbors!  We have some neighbors in REAL need!  Oh, I’m not going to get into the politics of the pumps and who wins or loses if they do get installed. I’m not good at geography and such anyway. Heck!  I get turned around coming out of the Wal-Mart parking lot and end up driving north on the highway, knowing good and well I live to the south!  So, this is not a political grind.  Nonetheless, the fact remains, neighbors of yours and mind have lost MUCH in this backwater flood which inundated Yazoo and surrounding counties from April until August of this year!  As a matter of fact, from the parking lot of my church I can walk up to the Satartia Bridge, and I could literally walk into this ocean of disaster before the water began to recede - not a stones throw from the church. 

Now, the waters are receding, and the recovery has begun. However, much of the cost of this recovery is going to fall on OUR community – individuals, the Body of Christ, and local businesses. Much of the loss from this backwater flood WILL NOT be covered by federal or state relief dollars. SO!  GUESS WHAT!!??  Your neighbors are knocking, they need bread, and it’s midnight!!   Through a coordinated effort with guys like Van and the Bank of Yazoo team, Ken Lynch, The Hart family, and Jason & Jamie here at the Herald, a committee is putting together Flood Aid 2019, and our local ministerial association, again in a coordinated effort with the bank will administer the funds to help our flooded neighbors.  SEPTEMBER 21, 2019, down at the old Satartia Gin, we’re hosting a day-long faith event, with the goal of raising $50,000!   There will be a MASS CHOIR (see Ken if your church wants to join in), our church (Satartia) will be hosting a Kids Zone, and we need LOTS of volunteers for everything from manning the inflatables to working the cake-walk. Bands and other live music will fill the day. VENDORS OF EVERY KIND WILL BE ON SITE, and YOUR BUSINESS CAN BE A VENDOR!!  Look up Flood Aid 2019 on FB or contact one of the committee folks I’ve mentioned.   This family day will feature food, events, and entertainment from 10 AM to 5 PM!!  JOIN US!!  Not only do we need you to show up (we’re actually praying that folks show up from four counties around), but as I said, we need volunteers. The Simmons folks have donated catfish, and our supervisor down in Satartia has his men’s class cooking a hundred chickens!   IT’S GONNA BE BIG!! IT’S GONNA BE FUN! Most of all, it’s going to be a day when this community says BY ACTION, “Neighbor!  We care, and you are in need. Let us lend a hand.”  But, it is our proverbial midnight. YEP!  We have less than thirty days to draw a crowd of 3,000 or more, and we have less than 30 days to get all the things (and people) we need to make the day a God-sized success!

You may not know it, but the little Village of Satartia was recently recognized as one of the tiniest towns in America – the tiniest town in Mississippi. Furthermore, Satartia author Daniel Brown has had one of his children’s books, Eli – Pride of the Yazoo, make it to the national forefront of the children’s book publishing world.  Add to that the fact that his son, Buddy Brown, has just broken into the Nashville country music scene, and all-of-a-sudden, you have to stand and shake your head. SATARTIA!!?? Little old Satartia? Dang! Most thought that the tiniest town in Mississippi was dying, not coming to life!  Ain’t that just like God!!?? (My mother would have smacked my hand for that grammar. Lol!) Now, on September 21, 2019, because of the generosity of the people of that community, and because of the faith of those people, all of Yazoo and surrounding counties will come together for a day which will speak volumes about the tenacity of God’s people when we find a neighbor in need.

Friends, it’s time that the church leaves the building, that place we gather on Sunday mornings, and we walk out into the vast expanse of need around us and simply say, “Let us be Jesus in your world.”  It is my hope and prayer that this BIG event in the tiniest town in Mississippi will be the beginning of this community seeing people of faith link arms and walk boldly in service to King Jesus.

Because He First Gave, Brother Royce  Satartia First/Heart of David Ministries