A Letter From Santa

On Sunday, Nov. 13 Santa came to visit your town of, Yazoo City.  
To be honest, I have been a little worried this year because of so much turmoil in our country. 
I have been asking, “Just how much difference am I really making here?” I mean when you think about Santa you usually have good feelings and even break out Good Tidings and  in Christmas songs – even in July sometimes.  However, I have been worried about this again.
Of course, this is not the first time I have been worried about this.  Several years ago I just almost canceled Christmas.  If you remember, they even made a movie about it, It Nearly Wasn’t Christmas, I think back in 1989. I was so distraught that I had made the decision to cancel Christmas that year.  Well, then, as now, I met a young lady who helped me to change that whole decision.  For a bit of history look up the movie. But for now, keep reading, please.
Just out of the blue, in September, I heard that this young lady, Donna Mohamed, was looking for Santa to come see the children at her store. So, I thought, “Hmmm, maybe this is what I need to see if I still help the children believe.” I am so glad that we were able to do this in your town.
When I arrived at Donna’s store, Yazoo Drug Company, I was met by some wonderfully, happy, and ecstatic people and there were hugs all around – a great way to start!  Donna and her team had set up a beautiful Christmas Front Porch setting on the sidewalk in front of her store.  She had set up a bench for me to sit on and surround myself with children and parents with some gorgeous Christmas Trees behind me.  A few feet away she had set up a Reading Corner for Mrs. Claus and the children along with some milk and cookies to enjoy while listening to Christmas stories. Ahhh, Mrs. Claus was really a hit with the children.
About 1 p.m.  she brought Mrs. Claus and me out to the Front Porch to sit and, well, all of a sudden these children started coming up to me on the bench. I looked out and all I could see were these beautiful smiles and little hand waves, and looking up at Momma and Dad with all this excitement in their little faces.  My heart almost burst with so much love for all the little people coming to see me. One little girl just couldn’t contain herself and just ran from her car straight up to me and gave me the biggest hug of all. It was clear to me that the Love and the Spirit of Christmas is alive and well in our world even today.
I must say that although Yazoo City  may be a microcosm of our world, what I saw and experienced there shows me the wondrous caring that does exist in our real world. Although Donna made this Yazoo Drug Company’s annual Christmas Open House celebration, I could see that she was more interested in providing some love, excitement, and fun for all those around her, especially for the Little People. She and her crew worked hard making and providing all the refreshments and little give-aways for the children and their parents. Even a few of the “slightly more mature” ladies had to come and sit on my knee to have their picture made with Santa.
The crew that Donna had put together for us were tremendous. Since I couldn’t bring any of my elves with me (this is the busiest time for my elves making the big push in getting all the toys and dolls and other presents ready for my BIG night) Donna found two absolutely wonderful and sweetest young ladies for our elves. 
Mrs. Claus said that, Anna Kate, who was her elf, was so very helpful and really helped her to bring the books more to life for the children, as well as, gave the children their milk and cookies.  My elf, Elizabeth, was absolutely wonderful also. She really helped the children with their excitement and also gave each child their own candy cane. And, since Donna was selling the book, Twas the Night Before Christmas, for me to autograph, Elizabeth made sure all the children and the parents knew that I would personally sign their books.  Mrs. Claus and I could not have been blessed any more than having these two elves helping us out.
Another great aspect of our time there with you was Heather, who had the camera duty.  She was so good and professional with getting some wonderful pictures. And, each family received a complimentary photo with Santa.
Altogether I am so thankful for Donna Mohamed and all the crew who helped us, but more importantly, I am so thankful that you, the city of Yazoo City really helped me to see just how much love and excitement still abounds in our world. I can safely say that Christmas will be in full force this Season of 2016 and each year to come!
See you on Christmas Eve!
Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!