World Series Champions


Three Yazoo County All Star softball teams made history this week after winning their way to the Dizzy Dean World Series Championship Games.

The 12-U girls brought home the Championship title for the 2019 World Series, and the 14-U and 10-U girls each came out as the runners-up in the tournament at the Greenbrook Park in Southaven. The Yazoo Girls were just a few of the over 90 teams from multiple states present at the opening ceremonies for the World Series which began last weekend.

Tracie Saxton, league commissioner, said that she is proud of the girls for bringing home the championship titles.

"They have so much talent this year that I could see them going very far," she said.

Several of the Yazoo teams had previously made outstanding performances at the state level in the weeks before the World Series. The 6-U All Stars, Yazoo Chaos, won the Runner Up title in the state tournament which qualified them to enter into the World Series and also won a Sportsmanship award.  The 8-U All Stars, Yazoo XTreme, participated in the state tournament and qualified for the World Series, but did not place in either event.  Yazoo XTreme did bring home a Sportsmanship award after all of their hard work, however.

The 10-U Yazoo All Stars made a name for themselves this summer by bringing home the MS Overall Dizzy Dean State Championship, and the Dizzy Dean South State Championship as well, after winning the Starkville Grand Slam Warm Up, all of which prepared them for the World Series.

The 10-U team played 6 games at the Greenbrook Park in Southaven and finished their season with a 14-2 overall record.  They were 4-2 at the World Series but brought home the Runner Up Trophy and tournament rings after falling to an Alabama team 7-1 on Tuesday, July 9.

Four members of the Yazoo 10-U All Star team, Mari Mason Hubbard, Lilly Cate Andrews, Angel Rae Carpenter, and Leta Greco, were named to the Dizzy Dean 10-U All-Tournament Team, and each received plaques for their achievement.

The 14-U team, Yazoo XPlosion, also played six games over the weekend and were one of three teams who made it to the World Series in their age group.  After eight hours of non-stop games on Sunday, they fell to a team from Hernando, but brought home the Runner Up title in the 14-U category.

"We told our 14-Year-Olds to just rest up and stay hydrated," Saxton said. "After eight straight hours of playing ball in 100 degree heat, they were already tired and were just about to give out before they made it to the championship game."

Four members of Yazoo XPlosion were named to the 14-U All-Tournament Team: Malee Chandler,  Jasmine Sims, Zoie Baker,  Emilia Crozier.  Each of these girls received a large plaque for their athletic achievement.

It was the 12-U Yazoo All Stars who stole the show by the end of the day on Tuesday when they brought home the World Series Championship Title. Before reaching the World Series, the 12 U All Stars went 6-2 in the MS Dizzy Dean State Tournament and finished as State Runner Up.

At the World Series, the 12 U girls played a total of four games, and it came down to a rematch against Saltillo, who had previously won the state championship in the weeks before.  By the end of the match-up, Yazoo City was victorious over Saltillo with a score of 8-2.

Addison Ritchie was named a 12-U World Series Most Valuable Player and a member of the All-Tournament Team.

Ella McCain, Presley Trammell, Ryelin Levison, and Kellie Lipsey also made the 12-U All-Tournament team. The Yazoo Girls were proud to receive their championship rings, as well as a large team trophy and a World Series Championship banner.

Saxton said that the Yazoo All Star teams couldn't have done it without the support of their fellow teams and their community.

"Everybody was supporting everybody and there was so much excitement from the players and the parents," Saxton said. "Even from back home everybody was listening to the games on the radio on Power 107 or watching on Facebook Live so that was a big deal."

Because of this historic achievement, Saxton said that Championship Boards are being made for the winning teams, and they will be posted at the Wardell Leach Sports Complex where the girls have been playing games year after year.

"There will be one made for each of the three teams," she said. "They will show the girls' names and numbers and what they placed in the State and the World Series."

Saxton went on to say that this accomplishment shows what can happen when a community comes together to support local sports programs.

"As Commissioner of the program, I am proud of all of them," she said. "It takes parents, its takes community. It takes everybody to get these girls this far, and in order to build our program and make it better, we have got to all do it together."